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I have been a client of Alan’s since 2004 and he has handled my families businesses for over 20 years. Alan knows his business inside and out. I have no worries when I receive something from the IRS. All I say to myself is – this is for Alan. Being in the commercial insurance business, I have many clients ask me for advice on accounting issues and I pass them over to Alan. He has helped out many, many of my clients and always makes me look great! Thank You Alan!

Stephen B. Kalmus
Account Executive
Marshall & Sterling, Inc.

I think it’s fair to say that NO one loves filing their taxes; but it is a necessary evil. Most Accountants may know IRS guidelines or Generally Accepted Accounting principles and file “vanilla” returns; making NO attempt to minimize liability to their taxpayer clients. Alan Levy is not like “most Accountants”; Alan takes time to REALLY know his clients so he can best represent them.

As a Mortgage Broker I frequently work in conjunction with Accountants and often see how little most Accountants know or care about their clients. Alan Levy knows and Alan Levy cares! His authentic, professional style helps build synergistic relationships which ultimately saves thousands of dollars in tax liability.

If you want to create a relationship with an Accountant who really knows his business AND cares about his clients, hire Alan Levy. I did!

Laura Moritz
Senior Loan Officer
Classic Mortgage

I have been a client of Alan Levy since 1992. Alan was a wealth of experience in taxation and specializes in small to – mid size firms. He keeps current with the tax laws and has expertise in terms of the new tax codes, real estate, business commercial property, the formation of Sub S corporations and LLCs, in addition to his expertise in corporate and personal taxation.

Most important, Alan is a great financial advisor to our business. He has given our firm insight into our operations, cost savings, efficiencies and his advice has allowed us to not only remain competitive – but to grow in this rapidly changing business environment.

I have recommended Alan to other businesses and to high net worth individuals. I strongly recommend Alan as an accountant as he has added significant value to our business during the past 20 years.

Ruth Stanat
SIS International Research
Tel: 212 505 6805

I have known and worked with Alan for over 12 years.
Alan is 110% dedicated to his clients. He cares for his clients as if they were one of his family members. Alan goes beyond the 'numbers' with his clients, and seeks strategies and plans for their future.

Some accountant 'do' your taxes in March or April. Alan recognizes that tax planning is a yearlong effort. He meets and speaks to his clients regularly. Alan is proactive and gets ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in the law, etc.

I think what separates Alan from his competitors is his sense of humor. His clients often leave his office smiling and laughing, while dealing with a 'serious' topic like taxes.

I think it's important to have a great relationship with your financial professional. I know for a fact that Alan will be in your corner.


Ken Mahoney, President
Mahoney Asset Management
747 Chestnut Ridge Rd suite 200
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
Phone: (845)-371-0101
Fax: (845)-371-3101

 You have accountants who keeps your books in order and then you have Alan. Working with Alan is a true pleasure. He takes the time to really understand your needs and build a strategic plan which serves your personal and business needs in both the short and long term. I recommend Alan to anyone in a heartbeat!  

Ronen Divon
Managing Partner
Emenities, Inc.
Monroe, NY

Click here for a pdf testimonial from Roy Kalmus, Owner, Bridgeside Insurance Agency, Inc.


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