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Tax Filling

Personalized service, Customizable solutions; the fact is that everybody is different. With our relaxed atmosphere and simple to understand process, we help you file your tax return by giving you peace of mind while eliminating any guess work. 


Corporate taxes made easy for all entities; Corporation, S-corporation, Partnerships, LLCs, and LLPs.


Federal Partnerships and all state partnership filing have never been easier. Now with
E-file you have the option of filing online for a simple, fast, and easy to track experience.

Sales Tax

We file all state tax returns for every type of business.

Payroll Taxes

We file federal and all state payroll taxes. We will work with you to calculate your tax responsibilities for all federal and state depositories. We can help to enroll you with the federal EFTPS system to do your depositories online, or by telephone. And we can help enroll you with prompt-tax.


Do not delay. Contact Levy & Associates today for a better financial tomorrow!

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