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Individual Finances

Effortless, uncomplicated, down-to-earth; Things you wouldn’t expect to envision about an accounting firm unless you came to Levy & Associates. We are here to answer all your financial questions so we can help you start planning today for a better financial tomorrow.

Whether you are planning a budget or planning for long term financial growth, we will work with you alongside our business partners to help you start planning today for a better financial tomorrow.

Loans Consulting

Years of doing business with many of the leading lending institutions has established us a close relationship with them. Our relationships help our clients and their businesses obtain loans short-term and long-term.

Estate Planning

By working in conjunction with attorneys who specialize in estate planning as well as investment professionals, you can be confident any uncertainties will be eradicated.


Audits can be daunting and ambiguous. Whether you are being audited for workers comp, unemployment, or sales tax by the IRS or the state comptroller, our vast knowledge and experience dealing with the IRS can help you maneuver through the maze that is the audit process.

Mortgages Consulting

We deal with many different mortgage lenders during our everyday activities. This helps us secure the best possible rates for our clients, and we can guarantee a trouble free mortgage that is tailored for you.


Do not delay. Contact Levy & Associates today for a better financial tomorrow!

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