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About Us

A good financial standing is important, and finding solutions to the most pressing financial problems cannot wait. That’s why we at Levy & Associates are committed to applying our expertise of accounting, financial planning, and tax consulting to relieve financial stress and improve well-being. We strive to provide access to our unique, effective, and affordable financial services to the people and businesses that need them. 

We have a leading portfolio of services in debt management, business planning, tax planning, and tax preparation, as well as offering our expertise with all accounting activities; and we have the unique ability to represent our clients on audits with all government agencies.

Our team of professionals has a combined experience of well over a hundred years in the accounting, tax and financial consulting industry. We proactively support our clients in all phases of tax and accounting which is how we secure a client retention being the highest in the industry. Our clients are equally important and a team-based structure assures that our clients are dealing directly with the owners. Levy & Associates serves clients in more than thirty states, and with experience second to none, our clients’ interest is our first priority.

To guarantee that we can continue to keep our commitments to the businesses and individuals who rely on us, we are dedicated to improving the way we do business; by listening to our clients and partners; and by constantly educating ourselves with the most current laws and regulations. Through working in partnership with large business, small business, and individuals, our goal is to ensure that people everywhere have access to the most innovative financial solutions and quality of service.


Do not delay. Contact Levy & Associates today for a better financial tomorrow!

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